Investment Performance

Important Information

Important Note: The performance returns on your investment represented below are those for the entire investment option. These results may be different to the investment performance return shown on your annual statement, which takes into account your individual account management costs, tax and timing of transactions in your account.


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Important Information

  • Past performance is no guarantee of future performance.
  • The value of your investment may rise or fall in line with factors including movements in the market, inflation rate, economic conditions and taxation.
  • The benchmark strategic asset allocation is indicative only and should not be taken as an indication of future asset allocations. These may be changed at any time.
  • Unit prices are historical and are not the unit prices applicable at the date of access.
  • Performance returns are net of tax (where applicable), any ongoing management fees and investment costs and assume reinvestment of income. In accordance with industry standards regulating the reporting of performance returns, the returns exclude any other fees that may apply to your investment.
  • For capital products/portfolios, the dividend declared each year is added to the account balance, compounded yearly.
  • The Capital Assured and Capital Guaranteed investment options are not unit-linked and show the latest declared and interim rates. The declared and interim rates are after tax and after the relevant asset management charges have been deducted.
  • Returns greater than one year are compounded average annual returns.
  • TAL (nor any of its related bodies corporate and their respective directors and associates) does not guarantee any particular rate of return, or the repayment of capital or income, or the performance of any of the products or funds referred to in this site unless otherwise stated.
  • If you require further information on unit prices, performance figures or asset allocations, please contact TAL's Customer Service Centre on 1300 209 088.

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